This month's small business shoutout is heaven sent.

No, really!

Cindy Reed, owner of Heaven Sent Delivery, has been a courier for 13 years, serving the Memphis and DeSoto County area. But 10 years ago, she set out on her own. I originally met Cindy around that time when I was working in real estate, she was one of our main couriers. She was fast, efficient and professional, but always had a smile and sunny disposition! Many of the clients Cindy has now have stuck with her for many years.

What Cindy likes most about her job is meeting new people being helpful to the community. "I love delivering something that makes people smile, a check or a meal. It gives me great satisfaction," she says. Cindy will deliver any kind of package for you (as long as it's legal!) and can fit in her car. You don't have to worry about her reading your important documents or nosing through your stuff! Kind, respectable and courteous - that's Heaven Sent!

To find out Cindy's rates or any other information about Heaven Sent, call Cindy at 901-826-2822 or email her at

 Heaven Sent Delivery, designed by 41:10 Photography

Heaven Sent Delivery, designed by 41:10 Photography