Put your hands together for Ashley Musick, who is launching what is sure to be a successful music career! Her talent cannot be denied or ignored! She's currently working in the studio with her band Rumblin' Red, a smokey, raw and funky blues band from Memphis, TN who is eagerly awaiting the release of their first album (I'm geeking out over doing their album photos! eeee!) Ashley was wanting some individual portraits made, so we got together one overcast day for a rustic shoot around DeSoto County.

Forunately, we came across different spots that captured the right feel for what her music is about - the Blues.  An abandoned mill, an old barn, railroad tracks - this belting beauty is a country girl at heart.  Ashley makes my job easy because she seems to know exactly what I want her to do without saying it. I'm proud of my friend for pursuing her dreams! Thank you Ashley for choosing 41:10!