I had the pleasure of meeting three distinctly different families and capturing their memories a few weeks ago and I wanted to share about them!  

First we had Pam and Sydney, a mom and daughter duo with a wonderful friendship. If I had to describe them in one word, it would be genuine! They seemed to feed off of each other's vibrant personalities. Laughter filled the air wherever we went. We had the best time. Sydney had just graduated high school and needed a few senior poses which I was happy to obliged.

Next was Mr. Elijiah, a creative, artistic, interesting fellow who also recently graduated high school. He had a grunge essence about him, reminicent of Kurt Cobain. We had a great time shooting at the appropriately chosen South Main Arts District, even utilizing the inside of Ernestine and Hazels (thank you guys!) It was truly the most unique session I've ever done, IMO.

Lastly, I headed back down South to have a session with the B family. Let me tell you, they were a hoot! They had me laughing so hard I snorted (only once, I don't think they heard me.) I couldn't have asked for more delightful people to work with. Gracious and kind all the way.

Thank you all for choosing 41:10 Photography to capture your memories!  

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