Just in the past week, I've shifted through all these blog posts on my social media from other photogs. And they all had something in common - they were of a personal nature. I don't normally get too personal on this blog (mainly because I have a separate personal blog.) I guess I've just always figured that my business was about others and their cherished moments that I just happen to capture.  

But maybe I can take a note from my photog friends and be personal from time to time? Once a month I will devote a blog post to my personal life, on my professional website. And I'll start today!  

With the school year starting and all the commotion that comes with it, I find myself being thankful that Gabe isn't there just yet! I have a couple of years to mentally prepare myself for dropping him off at his first day of school. Which will probably be an emotional day for me. 4 months from now my baby will be 2 years old, which is already a shock to my system. Um, hello, I just had this kid yesterday, he can't be two. Maybe my math is wrong. I suck at math. Great at denial!

Maybe this goes without saying but I appreciate every session I get because that helps me to provide for my little boy. Diapers are expensive as most of you know! I have big plans for my business in the future and they are definitely tied into the plans I have for Gabe. Yes it's hard being away from him but I also know I am doing it for my son. Life took on a whole new meaning when he was born, and every aspect of my life directly affects him. However, I do love being creative and meeting new people, so it's doubly beneficial!

On Gabe's behalf, thank you!