Dear Friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!

2014 has been an amazing year for 41:10 Photography. I'm very grateful for all the opportunities I've had and connections I've made. But it's coming to a close and I've been thinking alot about the future! I have had alot of important decisions to make regarding my business.

I'm using this post today to share with all of you a huge announcement.....

41:10 Photography is now Rebecca J. Imagery!


Besides the name, everything else will be changing, too. Here are a few of those changes, effective January 1:

  • New package options- These options will include a more personalized approach, printing options and prices. There will also be a breakdown of what each package entails.
  • Sessions offered - I will be closing down Open House Photography and combining it to RJI. Sessions I offer will be as follows: Portraits (family, couples, children, seniors, and headshots,) Real estate (Residential & Commercial,) Business/Commercial, Virtual Tours.
  • STUDIO!!! After all the bumps in the road I'm determined that 2015 will be the year of the studio.
  • Weddings & events- I will only be shooting a few weddings and events a year max. Feel free to ask about availability.
  • Reserving Your Session - I absolutely will not reserve a session until I have a deposit or session fee. No exceptions.
  • Office Hours - I have new office hours - Monday-Friday 9:30 am -3:30pm. Any other requests, please email me. I will also not accept phone calls, texts or consults on major holidays.
  • Policies - All of my policies have changed, and every client must sign a written agreement adhering to them.
  • Posting - Due to Facebook's policy changes, I will be changing what I share on the site and using other media to share my images.

There will be more fun, less technical things happening also:

  • Behind the scenes & Outtakes - so many things go into conducting photo shoots, and most of the time, it's pretty comical! I'll be sharing a bit more about that!
  • Personal posts - I'd like to share a little more about my personal life with my clients and customers, so you can get to know the lady taking your pictures.
  • Local Business Spotlight - I'm bringing the spotlight back! Local businesses need love too, ya know! Once a month I'm going to spotlight a business owner you need to know about and is amazing.

I may be letting go of the 41:10 title, but God will always get the glory and I will always put Him first in my business regardless. That will not change, ever! I'm looking forward to all of this, thinking of it as a new horizon. Please be patient with me as I make these changes to my sites. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this endeavor!


Rebecca Jaffe