Happy New Year! With it brings a clean slate and a fresh outlook on the year ahead. For me, 2015 has many beginnings as I switch everything over to my new name and brand.

And NYD would not be complete without my One Little Word post. This year, my word is:

Cultivate (verb)

Photo by Rebecca J. Imagery

To cultivate means to prepare and use soil for growing harvest; to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment or skill.)

I am cultivating not just my brand but the business aspect of RJI, to bring a new level of service to my clients by offering products, consults and proofing sessions. I would love to cultivate new and lasting connections with other like-minded business owners.

Personally, I hope to continue to cultivate healthier habits! During the hectic food frenzy of the holidays, most of us seem to fall off the fitness wagon (*shamefully raises hand*) but New Years always has that gluttony guilt trip. Part of my job is being able to keep up with energetic kids, run around with heavy equipment and stay sharp. So being in shape is a requirement. Let's do this! Who's with me?! Anybody? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Before I close this, I wanted to share one last bit of info - I will not be available for sessions January 31-February 3 as I will be attending Imaging USA! This is my first year being able to go and I'm very excited!

Have a blessed and happy new years everyone!