Confession - I love to photograph dogs! Dogs have just as much personality and expression as people do. They are a little bit of a challenge at times, however, when you capture their attention you see that dogs...well animals in general....have much more going on behind that adorable exterior.

When I first started "photoging", my border collies Blaze and Storm were my go-to subjects (since my husband wasn't always into it.) They totally dug it. And since Gabe's been around I don't always take their photos like I used to, but they are ever happy to oblige when I do.

Gabe and I visit my dad once a week, and the other day he asked me to bring my camera so I can take a picture of his compadres - Kiera, JoJo and Harley. I thought it was just my dogs! These hams totally wanted in on this impromptu portrait session.

Kiera (Yellow Lab)

JoJo (mix)

Harley (Basset Hound)

And since we're on the subject, here are some things to remember when bringing your dogs to your photoshoot -

  • Bring an extra leash. Just to be safe! My husband and I always have a backup leash in our vehicles just as a precaution. Leashes can and do break! Also, try not to bring a retractable one if possible.
  • Don't choose a noisy location. Unless your dog is used to busy city streets, choose a place that is spacious without alot of hustle and bustle. Also if they have spent their life in a grassy yard, the concrete may tear up their paws.
  • Treats! We want to reward them somehow for their good behavior during your session. Not all dogs are food oriented, so bring a toy too, especially one to attract their attention during their portraiture.
  • No pressure. They're unpredictable - they're dogs! Don't stress if we have to do a few extra shots during the session to get it right; focus on your posing and not the pups (this can also apply to kiddos!)