Photograph is ©Rebecca J. Imagery

Photograph is ©Rebecca J. Imagery

This month's SBS goes to Jenna Bostick, owner and the creative force behind Olivia Louise Shop (based in Memphis.) I've known Jenna for a while now and couldn't think of anyone better to show off - she's real, talented and has a big heart! Jenna is an advocate for homeless animals (especially the pit bull variety) and has done many great things to better her community. She is also a savvy business woman who has an eye for design. Welcome to the blog, Jenna!

1. Tell me about your business! What services/products do you provide to your customers?

I create customized invitations, cards and stationary (with a few special other items thrown in occasionally!)

2. Who is your biggest professional influence and why?

I have several, actually! I know so many strong and powerful women that have gone above and beyond to make a name for themselves and their business. I really admire that! I also follow Lara Casey, she is the Editor of Southern Weddings Magazine and she also writes a blog and works alongside Emily Ley; the creator of the Simplified Planner. They juggle their business, their family, and they keep their relationship with God public. That is a lot to admire! 

3. To date, what is your most rewarding experience as a small business owner?

Going public with your work, something you have created is very scary. But this past fall I went out there and demanded that people know I have an Etsy shop as well as an Instagram (@olivialouiseshop) and I want them to tell their friends about it! The encouragement I received and the purchases that followed... THAT was so rewarding! People don't realize that an encouraging word can build so much. For me it was everything.

4. What made you decide to become a small business owner?

I went to college for Interior Design. I have been an artist my entire life, dabbling in every craft or medium you can think of! I expel energy through creativity. I always knew I would start a business, but I never knew what kind. With lots of encouragement, graphic design practice, and many prayers, I decided to try an Etsy shop, and if that went well, I would sell in more places! I will be at the Hope Market for women in September and possible the Germantown Festival! God is good!

5. How can your customers find you?

- Etsy:

- Insta: @olivialouiseshop (follow me for sales!)

- Email:

- Call!: 901.212.5061

6. Bonus question: What is your favorite holiday?

That is a toss up between Christmas and the Fourth of July! I love the family time, gift giving, and celebrating of Christmas. The Fourth of July, the fireworks, the lake, sandals.. you can't beat it!

Here are some examples of Jenna's recent work!

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