It's my favorite brother and sister duo- Kylee and Ryder! I truly love these kids, they are by far my favorite subjects (next to my son and husband of course.) Although I'm a bit sad because they are moving away! However my plans to build up my business in Nashville (where they are going) will give me the opportunity to capture them so it's all good.

We did their session over at Charleston Rowe off Highway 51 and then Old Nesbit, two popular photography places here in DeSoto County, MS. Can't go wrong with them! This session is a bit of a turning point in my style dynamic. It came together so effortlessly and I am very happy with the way it turned out, as are mom and dad! Kylee of course slayed as usual, she is just that good and can't help it! Ryder is so dag gum handsome he doesn't have to try either!

Thank you to the M family for all the love and best of luck on your next chapter! xoxo

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