Hello Friends! We are halfway through the year already (so crazy!) Lately I've had some time to reflect on what is going on with this biz of mine so far in 2018, I must say it's already been a great year! I've been blessed with wonderful clients and opportunities. However I did notice a few things last year and this year that need to be curtailed in order for RJI to continue to flourish. Also, there have been some important personal changes in my life this year and my professional life needs to reflect them. So without further ado, here are some changes you'll be seeing effective today!

Commercial Clients

Real Estate - I will continue offering real estate sessions and packages will remain the same. However, any new clients must schedule a preliminary consult to make certain our goals/ideals align. All clients must give RJI credit for their images when sharing on social media (as stated in your contract!)

Headshots - I will continue offering individual headshots, however I will only accept large group shots (10 or more) on a very limited basis. I want to go in a more creative direction with this type of session. I am currently looking for businesses interested in more non-traditional/environmental style headshots.

Commissioned Art - I will be offering commissioned art pieces for companies and business owners looking to adorn their offices with landscapes and other interesting images. These are by quote only.

Portrait Clients

I will continue offering portraits - on location and lifestyle - for families. Mini sessions will still be offered certain times of the year. However, I will be going back to strictly digitals with print authorization starting next year. For digital galleries - they will be taken down after three days. That's more than enough time to download your images. If you need your gallery re-posted there will be a re-posting fee and you will have 24 hours to download before it's taken down. All clients must give RJI credit when sharing their images to social media.

Other stuff

I will no longer be offering product or event photography. As usual, I do not offer wedding photography, engagements, or boudoir.

Over the next few weeks I will be making changes to my website to reflect these changes.

On both a professional and person note : Ladies, while I TOTALLY understand that we are our own worst critics, please refrain from insulting yourselves during your session. It makes me and everyone else extremely uncomfortable and your self deprivation is so harsh! There's beauty in everyone. Plus, there's more to you than just your looks. I have had several ladies this year who were so down on themselves that it broke my heart. I will not tolerate negative self talk when you are in front of my lens! You are all amazing, unique, strong and beautiful people created in God's image - learn to love yourselves!!! This goes for men, too!

Thank you everyone!