It's that time again- One Little Word!

If you haven't heard of OLW, it's a word you choose to define the year ahead.

2016 was a year of growth, both business and personal. It was a year of discovery with lessons I will carry with me forever. I am grateful for 2016. But also came to realize many things that are holding me back.

OLW 2017 is Voice.

I'm going to be using my voice speak up. To rock the boat. To be heard. To not back down or be afraid. To stand up for those who don't have one. To sing praises. But also listen more. Seek to understand. Choose my battles wisely. To say something without uttering a single word.

In addition, I feel like I've finally found my voice in photography and want to continue exploring this new found territory. I'd like my images to speak to and resonate with others, perhaps even inspire. My quest will be to plunge deep into ideas, cultures, friendships, faith, art and experiences that perhaps I wasn't ready for until now. In other words, I will not be holding back! I'm ready!

What is your One Little Word?