Ten Years Later....

2018 marks my TENTH YEAR as a business owner! And while I'm not exactly where I thought I would be I've definitely come leaps and bounds from when I started. There were a few years where I was only doing this part time, then had several life-altering events that put my plans the backburner for a moment (namely, becoming a mother and almost losing my father in the same year.) I've seen many folks come and go in 10 years, having to give up their dream, and not just within the photography business. Being a business owner is HARD y'all.  So I will forever appreciate being able to own a business that has managed to thrive year after year. It's a humbling experience. That is why I am always expressing my gratitude to my clients and supporters, without them I wouldn't have made it this far!

Not to brag, but the thing I'm most proud of is the fact that even if I had low moments, I never gave up! This as definitely been a lesson in fortitude, integrity, dedication and most of all faith.

My plan for next year is to keep on rockin' along. But there are other plans to share with you as well!

Without further ado, here's what you can expect in 2018:

  • NEW PRICING- Clients will have a choice of packages - digital, print + product or a la cart- to choose from during their ordering appointment post-session. There will be a session fee due up front that acts as a retainer. I'm also adding new real estate packages for smaller homes and multi-listing.
  • NEW POLICIES- Everyone will have to sign and acknowledge receipt of my contracts and disclosures before we can proceed to session, you'll receive copies for your records. All my real estate clients must provide a copy of my disclosures to their sellers if the property is occupied at the time of session.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN - My website will be updated and I will provide my clients with a welcome packet that will explain the process of working with RJI. Booking sessions will be even easier and seamless.
  • OFFICE SCHEDULE- Office hours are Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm. Sessions are held by appointment only Tuesday-Sunday. Mondays my office will be closed in order to catch up on editing, office work, etc. No sessions will be scheduled on Mondays.
  • BETTER CONNECTION- My #1 goal is to communicate and connect better with my clients. They are so precious to me, they deserve more. I'm also making a concentrated effort to network and socialize more with other entrepreneurs, because it's so easy for me to become a hermit.
  • SESSION UPDATES- My sessions offered are as follows - primarily Portraits (Families, Children, Seniors, Couples) and Real Estate; Headshots; Editorial & Advertising. Sessions not offered are events, weddings & boudoir.

A Note of Thanks

Thank you to everyone who did a mini session with me this year! You were absolutely an honor to work with! I'm thankful to have new clients and repeats- you're all a blessing.


Special thanks to the following folks and companies who made this a fantastic year!

  • Grant & Co. New Homes
  • The Rusted Nail Boutique (Cottage Creek)
  • Suzanne Culpepper, Mike Murphy Realtors
  • Jenna Williamson, Keller Williams Realty
  • Andrea King, Andrea King Photography
  • Lauren Warren, blogger
  • Lindsay Ball, former owner of Memphis Moms Blog
  • Melba Wooten, Grant & Co. New Homes
  • The Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant
  • The Culture Trip, travel website
  • Jenna Bostick, Olivia Louise Shop
  • Allstar Property Management, rental & real estate company

And as always thank you to my husband Joe, my son Gabe and my family who always support me and have my back. You make me want to be the best version of myself.

 Photo credit: Natalie Fuschi Photography

Photo credit: Natalie Fuschi Photography