Small business owners are brave souls, daring to step out into the unknown and live their dream. It's not for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that. But I like to show my fellow business owners some love when I can. So I'm bringing back the Small Business Spotlight to showcase a local business owner who has big ambitions!

Today I want to introduce Kimberly Wright, an ambassador for Plexus, who wants to share with you why she loves being an independent consultant. I met Kim in October at a trade show and it was evident that she truly believes in her product. Her testimony was so powerful, I ended up taking a sample and reading more about it.

Being January, many of you are probably looking to get on the fitness/weight loss/healthy lifestyle wagon, so Kim would like to tell you about why you need to include this product line in your routine:

1. Tell me about your business – what you provide to your customers/clients.

Plexus is the most natural way to get healthy and/or lose weight! We are a natural Breast health, weight loss, pain management, and overall health company made in the US. We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee! 

2. Share your testimony! What made you decide to be a small business owner?

I love these products! They have changed my life and many others. I was battling chronic fatigue for about 2 years prior to finding Plexus.  I had also gained about 40 pounds in 3 month's time with no changes to anything I was doing.  Doctors were at a loss to what was happening and were shoving depression medications at me-even after I told them I was not depressed.  The medications didn't help me and made my stomach hurt more than anything else.  I had tried countless diets, medications and allergy shots - everything I could think of to no avail.  I heard about Plexus in April of 2014 and was NOT interested in trying it.  I had just tried another company's products and they made me so sick I couldn't bear to try anything else at the time.  In August, I went to the diet center to talk to them about what they offered.  After speaking with them at length and bringing home my pamphlet they gave me, I was floored at the cost after adding it all up.  I cried and vented a little on FB about why nothing worked.  A friend who is a Plexus Ambassador sent me a small message.  It read, "Kimberly-try Plexus?"  I had nothing to lose.  I sent her a message that I would try a 3 day trial of the Slim and Boost and let her know what I decided after I tried it.  I was skeptical to say the least.  I met her and started the trial that Saturday morning.  I felt so great but I didn't believe it was the Plexus of course.  I imagined it was a coincidence.  How could I feel so good after one day? I chalked it up to the one day every 6 months I felt good and went on with my day.  Sunday I woke up and took my Slim and Boost again.  I FELT GREAT AGAIN!! This is when I knew it was the Plexus because I never felt good 2 days in a row! By that night, my husband had seen such a difference in me that he suggested I sign up to be an ambassador for Plexus so I could tell everyone how it worked for me.  I signed up on the spot and have been telling people how wonderful the products are ever since.  I have become familiar with and take many of the other products now and the results are always amazing to me.  I want to share the opportunity to others to join as an Independent Ambassador or try the products and become my customers and friends. 

3. To date, what has been your most rewarding moment as a small business owner?

A very close friend of mine has lost over 40 pounds and has gone down several pant sizes since August. I LOVE how great she feels!

4. Where can your customers find you?

You can visit my website at:


Or text/call me at 901-417-4081

Or email me at:

I do not have a storefront but I do trade shows and have my website. 

5. Who is your biggest professional influence?

Starr Collins. She has it together all the time! She is knowledgeable, smart, funny and an amazing resource for answers I may not know.

6. Share one of your resolutions/goals for 2015.

I would love to have some people sign up as ambassadors with me that have fallen in love with these products like me! 

*RJI Note: I am not an ambassador/employee for Plexus nor do I have any affiliation with the company. These opinions and answers are strictly those of Kimberly Wright.

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