Hello Friends! Just wanted to share a little bit about my plans for the upcoming summer season and some updates about what’s going on lately! I’ve been quiet around here.

Update on Dad

Thank you to all of you who donated to my father’s medical bills! We raised a little over $1,600! This has been a tremendous help to him and he is so grateful for your generosity. And more good news- dad had a cat scan and blood work done a couple of weeks ago and they said everything was looking great!!! They saw no evidence of anything malignant and will be doing another cat scan in 6 months for follow up! Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes! We are thrilled!!!

Summer Schedule

Photo by Rebecca Jaffe ©2018

Photo by Rebecca Jaffe ©2018

Starting May 22nd, I will be limiting my availability until school starts back in early August in order to spend time with family and travel. If you need a session please let me know in as far in advance as possible.

I will not be accepting any outdoor portrait sessions during the summer due to the extreme heat in order to protect my client’s health.

Starting in late August, I will be sharing the dates and times of my Fall Minis and will be accepting bookings then. I have some new locations available this year!

Going forward

I’ve decided to continue to be part-time for the forseable future. I’ve been blessed with the ability to cut back my hours in order to spend time with family, care for my dad and work on personal projects that I’ve put on the back burner. Thank you all for your understanding during this transition!