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Newborn Life {Style} Session Tips at Home - Memphis, TN Photographer


Newborn Life {Style} Session Tips at Home - Memphis, TN Photographer


Every person is different.

Every baby is different.

Every family is different.

Every photographer is different.

It goes without saying then that everyone’s ideas, needs and wants will be different too. So these are just my personal and professional tips on how set up your at home newborn lifestyle session.

  1. Scheduling can be tricky since (unless you’re induced) no one knows when your blessing will make their arrival, and that everything will go exactly as planned. So here’s how I handle it: unless you are doing a Fresh 48 session, schedule your session at least a week or 2 out from the day you get home. I suggest this because by then you’ll start to have a rhythm going of feeding and sleeping.

  2. I give myself and my clients a little cushion of extra time for their session despite which package they choose. I do this because things are bound to come up- baby cries, poops, needs to be fed, fighting sleep, siblings are cooperating, the list goes on!

  3. Speaking of spots - if you have a spot in your home besides the nursery that you love and want to capture a photo there, please let me know! Otherwise I designate the spots with the most/best light.

  4. Being a new parent is tough! Some parents just want photos of their baby (or all the kids) but I implore parents to get in there too. You want to remember this special time together because trust me, they grow so fast. Don’t worry, I’ll edit out those circles under your eyes (haha!)

  5. If you need a break too, it’s ok. Do what you need to do! I am a mom too, I don’t mind feeding, rocking or changing the kiddo if you feel comfortable allowing me to. Or you can even invite the grandparents/a friend/etc. over if you want to lend a hand! It takes a village! Never be afraid to ask for help!

  6. Wear something comfortable, soft, and makes you feel confident. Go barefoot if you want! You’re at home! I love the laid back look, y’all. Moms tend to like flowy or button up tops and dresses, dad’s tend to go for a solid cotton shirt and jeans.

  7. If you don’t want to do your session at your home, but rather that of a friend or family member, that is fine and I will gladly go where you need me to. Just with the understanding that there will be no nursery images!

  8. Please do incorporate some meaningful/special items into your baby’s session, like heirlooms, blankets and outfits if desired.


I hope these tips help you out a bit! Life is a precious gift and having a tiny human come into the world is a beautiful miracle, I never take for granted the significance of that milestone in someone’s life!

(A special thank you to the B, C and P families for allowing me to capture their beautiful families!)